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ALTIMAX Arctic 12 WInter Tires (Stud-able)

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A studdable winter tire with innovative compound and tread pattern technologies for superior traction in low temperatures on wet, snow and/or ice conditions.

  • Interwoven Centre Structure: An interwoven center tread combined with straight siping provides a rigid structure for great steering response and stable dry handling in low winter temperatures.
  • Directional Pattern Tread Design: Offers exceptional water evacuation and hydroplanning resistance for excellent wet and snow performance.
  • Pinned for Winter Studs: Studdable design for those that desire the added ice grip winter studs provide.
  • Winter Sipes: Enhances traction performance in snow, ice and wet conditions.
  • Multi-angled Block Edges: Allows the tire to have gripping edges in all directions for additional lateral traction and maneuverability in snow and ice.
  • Optimized Contour Design: Evenly distributes pressure in the ground contact area to provide excellent treadwear.