SIX-OR Cast Wheel - Matte Black

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The Rotiform SIX Off-Road wheel is a wide six-spoke design to give your truck or SUV a rugged, durable appearance. The wheel features branded center caps and a high quality matte blackface with gloss black windows finish for corrosion resistance. 

The Monoblock series is a line of high-quality one-piece cast wheels manufactured using the latest low pressure casting technology. This process ensures improved mechanical properties like density and strength as compared to wheels that are made by gravity casting. The monoblock wheels have a reduced weight which enhances your vehicle's performance. They are a perfect budget-friendly upgrade to any OEM wheel regardless if it's a low-cost or luxury vehicle. Monoblock wheels are guaranteed to complement your vehicle's styling and enhance performance.


Size: 17x9 

Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7

Offset: 1mm